Rapid bone healing

Release of silica accelerates angiogenesis and bone healing.

Perfect handling

Viscosity adapted to the indication from dimensionally stable to injectable.

Complete resorption by cellular processes - Remodeling

The matrix exchange causes the material to be degraded by osteoclasts.

Cost effective due to shorter operating and healing times

The unique structure leads to shorter healing times and different product variants result in optimized processes and shortened operation times.

About Us

Biocomposites GmbH is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art bone graft substitutes. The products are based on the proprietary NanoBone®-Technology and are constantly being further developed. Our goal is to offer the best performing bone graft substitutes for patients, physicians and service providers.

About NanoBone®

NanoBone® products are synthetic degradable bone graft substitutes. Their performance is characterized by optimal bone formation combined with perfect handling. They consist primarily of unsintered nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and silica gel. The hydroxyapatite is characterized by the same morphology as the hydroxyapatite in natural bone. The special structure of NanoBone® activates the bone-forming forces of the body and leads to very rapid bone healing. The NanoBone® variants SBX Putty, QD, FLO, FIT and FIT QD are ready-to-use products that can be applied directly from various applicators for different orthopedic, spinal and dental indications.