Block Augmentation with the NanoBone® | block

The NanoBone ®| block is the safe and rapid solution for block augmentation.It offers an alternative to autogenous bone blocks for improving the implant bed in the case of vertical and horizontal bone deficits.






1. As large as possible a contact area between the underlying bone tissue and the  NanoBone® | block is recommended to ensure rapid bone formation. This contact area can be achieved by:
a. Contouring the block with rotating instruments, although it is to be ensured that the shaping is not excessively complex, or by

b. adapting the underlying bone tissue in line with the shape


2. Drill 1.2mm holes in the underlying bone tissue (if possible, using the hole microplate as a template)


3. Perforate the underlying bone tissue


4. Adapt the block to the underlying bone tissue in line with the shape


5. Soak the NanoBone® | block´s in blood


6. Tighten the two microscrews lightly to fix the block with the microplate

7. Fully moisten the fixed block with physiological saline solution to ensure that the whole of the block is saturated and there are no air spaces.


8.  Surround the contact points with chips of NanoBone ® | block´s or NanoBone® | granulate  








9. Tension-free and saliva-proof closure of the soft tissue in the augmented area, if necessary periosteal slitting. Absorbable membrane can be used but is not absolutely necessary.


10. Perioperative antibiotics are to be recommended.







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