NanoBone® -Technologie

Nanotechnology is considered the key technology of the 21st century with enormous potential for innovation.

NanoBone®technology harnesses this potential for the dental sector.


Good reasons for NanoBone®

1. Faster bone formation

The special structure of NanoBone&reg results in an extremely quick bone formation. Clinical studies show that a stable implant bed is available in case of sinus floor elevation already after three months. Other bone replacement materials state an incorporation period of 9 – 12 months for this case. This is how the use of NanoBone® can considerably reduce the treatment period as well. Meier et al. show: after three months, 37.7% bone, 43.0% marrow space and not more than 19.3%  NanoBone® are detected. In this context, the angiogenic osteogenesis in NanoBone® constitutes a real difference in quality. For other bone replacement materials, however, only bone formation starting at the border was detected.


2. Complete remodelling

On account of the nature-identical component HA and the organic matrix formed after a short time (matrix change of silica gel), the body recognises NanoBone® as material peculiar to the body and the natural bone formation and resorption  - the remodelling - starts. Osteoclasts resorb the granules. At the same time, osteoblasts form autologous bone. During the process, NanoBone® is completely substituted by bone so that, in contrast to xenogenic bone replacement material, no residual foreign substances can influence natural biomechanics. Considering the fact that a portion of approx. 16% of these bone replacement materials can still be detected after nearly 10 years, the complete remodelling of NanoBone® constitutes a decisive advantage.


3. High-performance through nanostructure

The interconnecting nanopores and the nanocrystalline HA are the keys to success. Thanks to its porosity in the nanometer range, NanoBone® has a very large surface thus reaching new dimensions.


4. Synthetic and safe

An important advantage is offered in the context of the duty to inform the patient. NanoBone®is a safe product with respect to the possible triggering of allergies, the transmission of infections and ethical views. Moreover, the synthetic character also allows for the development of indication-related products. In this context, for example NanoBone® | blocks for major defects are being developed based on the NanoBone® technology.


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