Hands-on workshop and live surgery in Hamburg

February 24, 2016, 14 clinicians participated in the workshop “Bone Splitting” at the Alsterdorfer Implantologicum. This workshop belongs to a training series with various subjects by Prof. Dr. Dr. Henkel in cooperation with Hager & Meisinger including hands-on sections.

This time the participants observed a live surgery in which Prof. Henkel implanted Split Control of Hager & Meisinger and the bone graft material NanoBone®.


Previous workshops were already fully booked. Further dates will follow soon.



10 years NanoBone® - A success story

The synthetic bone graft material NanoBone® was launched by ARTOSS early 2005 and we can look back upon 10 years of success.

The fast bone formation is based on a combination of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite and highly porous silica gel.

Numerous studies show the expectable results. Due to its biological performance, NanoBone® has influenced the market substantially. Both the complete remodelling and the simple application convince our global users.

Utilizing scientific collaborations with various universities and practitioners, ARTOSS was able to develop application forms for a lot of indications. Besides granulate, NanoBone® | SBX putty and NanoBone® | block are available; especially NanoBone® | SBX putty has shown its potential in daily practice due to its ready-to-use characteristics.

In 1997, director and company founder Prof. Dr. Thomas Gerber has begun his research for new biomaterials for bone formation along with the University of Rostock. Prof. Dr. Gerber and Dr. Walter Gerike, both managing partners, founded the ARTOSS GmbH in 2003.

The Europe-wide university collaboration with more than 20 research groups still determines the company’s success. ARTOSS GmbH sets new standards with regard to complete bone regeneration after more than 500.000 applications with the synthetic bone graft material NanoBone®.


The traditional company Hager & Meisinger is exclusive sales partner in Germany since 2014.


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