Why should I choose NanoBone®?

NanoBone® is a synthetic bone grafting material. It is manufactured in accordance with the strictest of safety regulations and contains absolutely no animal products. This rules out the possibility of allergies or the transmission of infection. The material promotes the body’s natural bone reconstruction process and is therefore a gentle and innovative bone regeneration option.


The body accepts NanoBone® almost as if it were endogenous as a result of the material's special structure. This leads to the rapid formation of new endogenous bone, which in turn accelerates your treatment. NanoBone® is completely transformed into endogenous bone after just a few months. No foreign bodies remain which could disrupt your biomechanics.


NanoBone®is available as granulate and block for the treatment of major bone deficits.A second operation to remove a bone block from the jaw, chin or pelvis is not necessary.

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